Tinder Hook-up Tips For Ladies

There is an assumption that it really only men who get horny and desire casual hook-ups. Nothing could be further from the truth, and if you don't believe us, just look at Tinder. The casual dating app now boats millions of users, and it's not all men. Women are on there looking for some fun, too, but with so many people vying for attention, getting found can be tough. If you are a woman thinking about using Tinder, or if you are already on there and having little to no luck, here are some tips that you can follow to increase your odds of hooking up.

1. Use Multiple Pictures

A lot of women take time to choose the perfect profile picture, which is usually one where they look particularly cute. Yes, guys can be shallow, but they also want to see more than just a pretty face. One great photo suggests that you are hiding something or that your account is fake. Get a variety of different shots up there and prove that you are fun and have nothing to hide.

2. Be the Only Person in Your Main Picture

Women love hanging out with their girlfriends, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, things can get a little confusing if you use a group shot as your main profile picture. There is nothing worse than having to explain who you are in the shot, unless of course you have guys messaging you to ask if they can hook-up with your cute friend instead of you.

3. Keep Guys Out of The Picture

A little competition is good, but if a lot of your images have you hanging out with another guy, you may scare some fellas off. Believe it or not, chivalry is not completely dead, and some guys will ignore your profile if they think that you are already seeing someone else. A picture of you with another guy can send the wrong message to interested users.

4. Get a Little Vocal

If you come across a guy that you like, do more than send the obligatory "Hey" message. We are not suggesting that you compose the nest "War and Peace," but we do suggest that you get a little more vocal. Maybe take a minute to tell the guy you are interested in what it was that you liked about their profile. Also consider asking them about something on their profile, as this usually means that you will get some sort of response.

5. Be Prepared to Get a Lot of Attention

Trust us, you don't need to be insanely hot to get a ton of attention on Tinder. From the moment you download the app and create a profile, you will start receiving matches and messages. How you handle those may well dictate how well you do in the hook-up game. Take time to respond to everyone, as you may well find a diamond in the rough. That does not mean that you should stand for BS, though, so move on if things start getting too inappropriate for your liking.

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