Does Tinder Get You Laid?

Technology has helped us solve all sorts of different daily problems, and there are some folks out there who will claim that it has resurrected their non-existent sex life. There are a lot of different dating apps and website out there, but it is Tinder that has revolutionized everything, as most of the people who sign up for the app do so with the express purpose of making a physical connection. Tinder is not necessarily an app devoted to those looking for long-term romance, but the question here is whether it can actually help you get laid.

Take Time With Your Profile

Whether you are looking for a life partner or a one night stand online, you are still going to need to put in some amount of effort. You may be the hottest person on the planter, but if you do not add some information about yourself on your profile, you are not going to get too may nibbles. There is just something a little shady and untrustworthy about an uncompleted profile, especially in this day and age when catfishing is something that needs to be paid attention to when looking for love or sex online.

Don't Be Too Eager

Yes, you can definitely get laid using Tinder, but it may not be the line of questioning that you should lead with. This is particularly true for guys, as sending a message to a girl asking if she is DTF as your first correspondence is probably not going to go over that well. There are going to be a lot of people on there who are interested in getting into the sack with you, but the vast majority are going to want a little online foreplay first.

Arrange An Actual Date

While the internet is still pretty safe, there are going to be people online looking to take advantage of you. Suggesting that you will go to the home of person you have never met without getting to know them face to face is just asking for trouble. Yes, Tinder is an app designed for people who want to hook-up, but you are going to find that most folks want a little face time first. By all means select a meeting place close to home, just in case things get hot and heavy when you do spend some time together on a date.

Never Assume You Are Going To Get Laid

Someone agreeing to meet you should not be construed as a sign that they are immediately going to want to go the sexual route. It may eventually happen, but there are going to be times when you may need to meet a couple of times before the deal is sealed.

The whole thing here is that you need to play it cool when you are on Tinder, although not so cool as to appear aloof or arrogant. Take some time to get to know the people you want to hook-up with and you will likely find that your success rate increases quite dramatically.