Is Tinder Only For Hookups?

There are plenty of apps on the internet which you can use to find hook ups and dates. Since the advent of internet the whole scenario of dating has changed. People make profiles on apps and find partners for themselves. One of those apps is Tinder which has become highly popular in the last few years. Many singles use it to find hook ups and do not use it to find a serious relation.

So the question arises, is Tinder only for hook ups? Well the answer to that is no. Tinder can be used for hook ups only but it can also be used to find a serious relationship. Let's take a peek into how Tinder works.

You May Meet Someone Who Wants A Hook Up Only!

Tinder has a large data base because millions of people use it every day. The sole purpose of Tinder is to connect people. You can use it for hook ups but you also use it to find someone for a serious relationship. Many people in their description write that they are looking for a serious relation. Because it has a large data base, it may be possible that you encounter with someone who is only looking up for a hook up. Do not be let down by this and continue your search for the right one.

It Connects You To People Around You

Well Tinder has a large data base and basically its job is to connect you with people around you. It will take in to account your profile show you possible connections. Now it is up to you to whether you use this app as a hooking up app or you can use it to find someone for a serious relationship. A lot many young people are using it for hook ups only but there are stories where people met on Tinder and got married or hitched. Tinder will find you people suitable to mingle with. Also, you cannot speak to someone until they like you back. So keep on liking those profiles until one of them likes you back and you can have a conversation. If you are tired of this you can try the premium version by paying to Tinder to get laid.

Write Your Interests In Your Profile

In order to save time, you can write in your profile that you are not looking for a casual date or no hook ups! Dirty Tinder and Tinder is the best site/app to find casual sex dating, this will save time as people who are not interested in serious relationships will know that you are not available for that. Clearly state what you expect and what you want and you will get the results. Try to be clear and settle terms right at the start to save time. You can tell that you are looking for a serious relationship and are in quest of love. Writing about yourself will help other people understand you. Keep your patience and one day you will find the right person for yourself on Tinder.