How to Use Tinder to Have Dirty Talk

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world and has had a massive impact on dating culture as we know it. Swiping right (or left) is a phrase that most people are familiar with, even becoming part of our modern vernacular when referencing whether someone is hot (or not).

The reason Tinder is so popular is because it lets people cut straight to the chase. You simply swipe right if you like what you see or swipe left if you're not interested, getting multiple matches each day. People chat and then decide where they want to take things, often resulting in a date or even a casual hook-up.

Because Tinder has helped break down taboos associated with dating, many users find it incredibly exciting and somewhat liberating to use. You won't need to wait long till you get paired with someone that is looking for the same thing, whether it's romance, casual sex, or even a spot of dirty talk.

Do People Want to Talk Dirty On Tinder?

The short answer - yes! Of course, not everyone is using the app specifically for dirty talk but you can sure a lot of people enjoy doing it. After all, Tinder has helped popularise sexting like nothing else, so it's unsurprising that most users on Tinder have tried a bit dirty talk at least once.

Of course, like any aspect of dating, consent is absolute must, as you can't just start talking smut with your first message. Instead, you need to take the right approach and wait until both you and your match are happy to engage in some dirty talk.

Start Slow

As mentioned, the last thing you want to do is to try and start dirty talk from offset. Yes, paying a cheeky compliment isn't completely out of bounds but you never want to make a bad first impression, otherwise you won't be having much success.

Most users want to wait before they decide on taking things any further, just to make sure you are who you say you are and you're not a complete creep. So, take your time and start slow, opening with some casual chat like you would if you were approaching someone in bar or club.

Don't be overly aggressive with your initial conversation or you'll just get rejected immediately!

Chat Casually for a Bit

Following on from the last point, you want to take the time to get a few questions in and answer some of theirs. This serves two purposes - it helps you find out how interested they are and that you are not a complete creep.

Making a small effort to get to know the person siginfncatly increases your chances of getting some dirty talk, as it helps to build trust and show that you're an approachable person that is looking to have fun.

Start to Get Playful and Flirty

Once you have a bit of rapport going you now have the groundwork to see if they're into some dirty chat. Again, don't dive head first, instead dropping a few flirty questions and gauging their response. Keep things flirty but playful, never being too overtly explicit until you are having a full-blown sex chat.

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