Why You Should Delete Tinder

There are many individuals that are in love with Tinder. They think that it is the best dating app that can help them find true love. However, they need a reality check because there are many reasons why should stop using Tinder before it is too late. If you are wondering why we are telling you to delete Tinder, here we have some of the common reasons that will make you agree with us that we have to tell the truth.

Unhealthy Addiction

In the beginning, it seems like just any other dating app where you can find some hot people. However, with the passage of time, it will change into an addiction. You will find it hard to focus on other things in life because most of the time you will be checking Tinder or swiping left or right because you want to select who is the perfect match. It will waste a lot of your time and you will notice that Tinder will affect your social life.

It Makes You Feel Like You Are Shopping

Just imagine that you are in the market and you will only buy the products that you think are the best. Tinder is doing the same thing to you. You will only like the men/women that you like are appropriate for you. It might not sound bad, but if you will pay attention, it would feel like you are shopping for live meat and some other person is doing the same thing with. It is not healthy because once you will get used to the process it will turn you into a judgmental person and all your thoughts will be clouded with judgments.

Tinder Is The Hub for Scammers

It has been found that dating sites are the biggest target of scammers. There are many individuals that are only using Tinder to scam others. It is not only scamming for money but also for body parts. There are many individuals who would ask you to send nudes. If you already have posted your nudes on Tinder you have made their job easier. They will use your pictures and might post them on the porn sites. It means that without doing anything you can become the porn star in no time. be careful with what you are doing on Tinder.

You Might Not Be Able to Find a Long-term Relationship

Most of the people think that Tinder is for a long-term relationship. However, how many successful relationships you have seen of the people that met on Tinder. The success ratio is very low. The reason is that most of the people are using Tinder for a casual hookup. They will meet have sex and then poof they disappear. You will never see them or know where they are until you they want more sex from you and would like to meet you again. It means that they are only using you.

There Are Better Options Available

You must be wondering what all the dating sites are the same. You are wrong because there are many platforms that have strict rules and they will now allow you to share inappropriate content or use it only for sex. They assure that you only use the sites for dating and to find love. It is better that you start using such type of dating sites instead of wasting your time on Tinder because it has turned into a sex site instead of the dating site. All you have to do is conduct a little research and there are chances you will surely find the website perfect for you.

Not Good For Older Individuals

There are many older individuals that are sick and tired of living alone. They want a trustworthy partner but the only issue is that they cannot use Tinder. The reason is that most of the people will not accept them, there are least chances that they will find the right match and there are several young people that will use the older people for their fame and money. So Tinder is not the platform that everyone can use. if you are into older individuals or you are above 50 there are chances that using Tinder is just waste of your time.

Bullying Is Common On Tinder

You will be surprised to know but there are many individuals that are bullied of Tinder every day. From dating site to bullying site, it is a very wrong impression of Tinder because they do not give a chance of people with all genders to merge with each other. It has been found that most of them are bullied because of their choice and others are just enjoying the time making others feel miserable. We know that it is hard to believe but when you will meet the victims, you will know that it is the worst experience they ever had.

It might be hard for you to leave Tinder once you have grown addicted to the platform but once you will uninstall the dating app you will get your freedom back. You will not be bound for an app to help you find dates because you can easily do it on your own. So, make sure that you take the right decision and do not waste your time one something that has turned a nightmare for so many people that they are stressed all the time.